Stjernberg Laser develops and designs high-end laser equipment and provides innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. We provide customized solutions according to our customer needs, as well as high-end precision processing equipment including laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding etc. We also provide small-, medium-, robotic- and mobile laser processing platforms, integrated with a variety of laser application technologies. These are able to meet the customer needs and are easy to upgrade.
Stjernberg Laser uses the “laser+automation” production model to solve the transformation of traditional industries. We provide sustainable, digital and systematic production solutions for enterprises, and also enhances their independent R&D and product upgrade capabilities. We are good at taking advantage of our laser applications and developing innovative laser processing platforms (equipment) that are integrated in production lines to maximize the combination of laser processing and automation. Currently, we have designed and delivered a number of laser-automatic production lines with world-class innovation standards for internationally renowned companies in the fields of automobile manufacturing and material processing.

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Copyright ©2018 Stjernberg Laser All Rights Reserved.