UV Picosecond Drilling Machine LDR 1000

The newly developed LDR 1000 UV picosecond drilling machine from Stjernberg Laser has excellent performances such as high precision, high efficiency and good stability.

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    1. Ultrashort pulse laser to achieve cold processing. Release energy in picosecond time, no microcracks, no remelting layer, keep original properties of cutting materials, no crystals, no tumors and hardening.

    2. Blind hole processing, flat top light and Gauss light mode switching, so that the blind hole processing to achieve a smaller thermal impact, more vertical aperture to complete precise deep processing.

    3. The combination of magnetic levitation linear motor and aluminium metal carbon fibre, the design of active shock absorption and the adjustment of dynamic characteristics of professional UHDCS can achieve high-speed photoelectric integrated motion control effect.

    4. Based on customer demand, user-friendliness and design optimization, using CCD positioning, dynamic real-time camera intelligent monitoring, supporting the professional customized programming software of intelligent engineering database, to maintain long-term stable working conditions, simple and easy to operate.





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