Laser Welding Machine (metal)  LRW 10000

Stjernberg Laser has developed a laser welding system called LRW 10000, which is able to join many types of materials. A laser welding machine usually has many advantages that other welding processes can't match. Especially for welding thin plate alloy materials that are difficult to weld in the aviation and automotive industry, such as aluminum alloy and copper. The welded structural parts are not deformed, the welding quality is exceptional, and with laser welding you can combine metal panels from different materials.

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    1. Laser welding station for 3D laser welding.

    2. Automatic monitoring and control functions such as online weld supervision, edge and seam tracking and visual quality inspection.

    3. Dedicated loading and unloading platform, which can be flexibly linked with each station.

    4. Equipped with aluminum alloy, fluorine aluminum zinc plate, stainless steel plate and other multi-material professional welding process data packages.

    5. Equipped with flexible and modular configuration, remote welding, three-dimensional welding, composite welding and other welding functions can be achieved according to the process with a variety of laser processing heads and laser sources.





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