Laser Perforation Machine  LPE 5000

Stjernberg Laser has developed a laser perforation system LPE 5000 that uses a laser to machine a semi-transparent hole in the back of the material to create a defined material break line along the desired contour trajectory. Specially designed control technology prevents the material from being completely penetrated by the laser, leaving the material with a minimum wall thickness. The contour trajectory in the material is ablated so that the material here can be torn under the action of an extremely small external force.

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    1. Multilayer material composites can be formed with only one laser penetration weakening.

    2. The absolute reliability of the predefined fracture point can achieve the expected results when the fracture and tearing are needed.

    3. The trajectory hole pattern of weakening point can be customized arbitrarily, and the process optimization test can be carried out many times to achieve the desired results.

    4. Automatically compensate the defect and deformation of material thickness to achieve comprehensive position accuracy.

    5. Based on customer requirements, user-friendliness and design optimization, real-time monitoring processes with multiple sensors are utilized, and supporting professional engineering database parameters are provided.





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Copyright ©2018 Stjernberg Laser All Rights Reserved.