Stjernberg Laser  Innovation of Tomorrow

Ultra-Precision Laser Equipment Manufacturer

Digital Manufacturing Solution Provider

Founded in Sweden, Stjernberg Laser is a highly specialized laser equipment manufacturer and a digital manufacturing provider. We have EU headquarter (manufacturing site and R&D center) in Gothenburg, Sweden, China headquarter (manufacturing site and product center) in Ningbo City, and Representative Office in Shanghai.

To meet the growing Chinese market in intelligent communication terminals and 5G area, Stjernberg Laser designs and manufactures ultraviolet laser machines, which combines a high cutting/drilling speed with utmost precision. We are pioneers of applying laser in micro material processing.

In EU, we mainly focus on customized digital solutions based on laser technology. We have customers in a wide range of industries, including world leading manufacturing companies, such as Volvo, 3M, Tetra Pak, ABB, Scania, SKF and Saab.  

Stjernberg Laser aims to become an enterprise model for combining EU Industry 4.0 with China Manufacturing 2025. We incorporate our EU laser technology strength and experience with China tech service support team, as well as a strong production capability, to meet the growing demands for global industry upgrading.

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Copyright ©2018 Stjernberg Laser All Rights Reserved.